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Since June 27, the national share transfer system officially listed companies to implement hierarchical management, and innovation are revealing layer and the base layer of the listed companies and securities market information transfer disclosure documents.

        National shares transfer will be made to maintain the stratification criteria and standards, adjusted each year in May the first transfer date of the last trading week of listed companies by level (layer into the innovation less than 6 months of listed companies without level adjustment). Base layer of listed companies, in line with the conditions of the Innovation layers, adjustment layers into the innovation; innovation does not meet the conditions to maintain the level of listed companies, the adjustment into the base layer. Meanwhile, the national share transfer system can require hierarchical management and appropriate increase or decrease the level to adjust the frequency of listed companies.

        It is worth noting that innovation level of enterprises, listed companies with innovative layer of one of the four cases, adjust the date 20 days after the transfer directly to the base layer, including annual reports of listed companies due to correction data led financial indicators do not meet in this case will be determined innovative layer standards; listed company was identified the presence of financial fraud or market manipulation case, resulting in listed companies do not meet the innovative layer standards; listed company does not meet the innovation level governance requirements and the duration of 3 months or more; the country shares transfer other circumstances recognized by the company.

        According to reports, the national share transfer system will adopt different institutional arrangements for innovation layer and a base layer of listed companies, such as promoting innovation layer of listed companies to further regulate corporate governance, strengthen information disclosure and regulation issuance of financing and mergers and acquisitions, enhance innovation layer listed the companys overall level of standardization, on the basis of open space for the follow-up system of market innovation and service innovation.
        National shares transfer system, the official said, the company listed to build differentiated systems is an ongoing process that requires practice in the stratified on the basis of continuous progress.
        China shares turn lower hierarchical system will be based on market conditions require supervision, information disclosure of listed companies business rules, business rules issued shares, the stock transfer rules, organizers and brokerage management rules listed company secretaries management measures to supervise corporate governance guidelines, etc. amended to implement the regulation and provide differentiated services concept, which create a suitable environment for the development of capital market innovation layer and base layer listed companies listed companies.
        TheLinhuiFund believe that with the arrival of three new board stratification of the times, with the diversification of the scientific development of market supervision, the future there will be more high-quality companies come to the fore.

Compass (430011): Beijing is one of the developers and the compass securities information service provider Chinas first securities analysis software
Raynor (833 586) is principally engaged in the production of high and low voltage soft starter motor, high and low voltage inverter, intelligent electrical, new energy and high and low voltage electrical power transmission equipment, etc.
Lu Special Energy (832 184): the field of energy technology research and development, application, data processing, system integration and installation and construction of integrated science and technology enterprises
Sea excellent new material (831 697): focus on the field of solar photovoltaic components within the packaging material development and production, research and development in the field of industry strength, technology leadership, the whole product line is known.

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Since June 27, the national share transfer system ...


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