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"We are always concerned about tomorrows weather, but we do not know that in fact we have entered the next season has come to a new world." July 2, "China Entrepreneur" magazine, Zhen red in 2016 (the first Sixteenth) Future Star Chinese enterprises annual meeting. Ma said, we came to a DT era, we can use the data to define everything. Jia Yueting said it was a ET era of cross-border sharing of trans-breaking industry. Whether DT ET age or era, everything is new.
Exposure to a new world, a big wave of opportunity has been hit, sharing economy, sports, big healthy, green, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, smart city ......
However, in a new outlet, and the capital market has become calm, entrepreneurial senses, burn longer be regarded as the ultimate shortcut value subversive innovation highlights again.
"Outlet 2.0"
Qiu Xiaohua economists view, the various problems arising from Chinas rapid economic development is becoming bottlenecks hampering progress. He predicted that Chinas economic future will be around 6.5 per cent growth this bottom, a small fluctuation amplitude of the fluctuations is not significant, the Chinese economy will increase from version 1.0 to version 2.0 or later.
Transition, new economy, new models, new industries continue to emerge.
Hina Group chairman Chen a recent trip to Britain, let him have a deeper understanding of the shared economy. In his view, shared economy can be very effective in the use of inefficient use of resources, which will generate value. Once generated economic value, it will get better.
The fact is that the economy has shared fall flowering.
National Information Center Information Research Department released the "China share economic development report 2016" shows that in 2015 China share (share) economic market size of about 1.956 trillion yuan (1.81 trillion yuan turnover of which, the amount of financing 146 billion yuan), the main concentrated in the financial, life services, transportation travel, production capacity, knowledge and skills, housing rent and other short six areas.
The rapid development of mobile Internet, allowing big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence advances, smart home and smart city gradually into everyday life.

"Smart home through the machine and big data work for the service of humanity, everything is automated, which is the traditional industry is truly subversive." Apple Decoration Group founder and chairman Li Qi believes that "from the traditional to the smart home improvement home improvement, to a smart home, which is a customization of the industry, great demand, there are several trillion market space, the largest of the companys traditional home field more than 2 billion a year to do it. "
With Chinas consumption upgrade, culture, sports, health and other industries have more and higher levels of demand.
Plump founder, CEO Shen Bo that, when a countrys per capita GDP exceeded $ 8,000 when the sports industry is a very important starting point, at the same time, the Internet and mobile social networking also played a significant role in promoting.
Over the past two years, the music, as the sport as a spoiler, sports music, as the founder and CEO Lei Jian said that the amount of live events in its annual owned sixteen thousand games. Music as sports broadcast rights covering football, basketball, tennis, car racing, golf and many other events.
Sports and accompanied the rise of big health industry. Data show that in 2013 Chinas large-scale health industry nearly 5 trillion yuan, 2023 is expected to exceed 20 trillion yuan.
Chi Ming Group founder, chairman Han Xiaohong Ci remember network stressed that major health industry to a historical development opportunity. "The recent 2012 policy intensive introduction in 2012, and are moving in the positive direction to go, indicating that policy attention. At the same time, technology is constantly progress. Quality companies will eventually become a big health industry horned beast."
"Open the Future"
Before last years winter capital, many entrepreneurs pay more attention to the significance of the burn, travel, Takeout, life services, online education and many other industries have appeared subsidy war. Today, the market began to reflect, and gradually return to rational.
Chen said that there are good and bad subsidies, virtually created a lot of non-rigid demand. Car itself does not belong to the user who sit every day car, the target population is non-takeaway takeout every day to eat high. Easy to car-founder, CEO Hang Zhou says, "under the high subsidies, the current field trips shared so large economies of scale, the original non-existent demand added, and this is not sustainable."
Liu Chang, CEO, together with the job, frankly, the current overall economic situation, the common problems of all businesses is to have a very solid platform, as well as healthy and sustainable business models, can be healthy and sustainable.
"My advice is that we must urgently find profit point, so that their profit and survive, can not burn up." Woo-woo, chairman of H & Q Group, Wang Qi Cheng said.
No longer burn, how to break through? Disruptive innovation began to highlight the value and significance.
BVCF Founding partner Yang believes that there are two important things, one is the subversion, one is innovation, and these two things make a big difference to society. Subversive thing is to revolution, the overthrow of a company to another company, an industrial overthrow another retaliatory sports industry. Kodak is a process that year by another company to replace the final itself was also replaced.
This innovative start-up companies have to give the tremendous energy.
In 2014, sports and music, as music as separate. Over the past two years, the music, as the sport has done two things: the first is the Internet content distribution system, heightening the threshold of the Internet media platform. The second is circulated around the Internet system, upstream and downstream extension of the Internet to build eco-sports industry. This makes it subverts the traditional sports of the value chain, the growth of the industry unicorn.
"Future Star is to create an important force in the future, they created an industry, creating an industry, which is called to create a new world." Zhen Hong said. In addition she also believes that "your security is important testing ground for the creation of a world."

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"We are always concerned about tomorrows weather, ...


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