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Equity investment

Team TheLinhuiFund using the success of entrepreneurial experience and rich investment experience, committed to excellent investment high growth, high-tech enterprises, covering the early and middle, growth period, pre IPO stage, TheLinhuiFund positive for investment enterprises to provide all kinds of resource integration, market development and technology introduction, the introduction of talent, re financing support and with rich experience in investment, operation range power was voted the development and growth of enterprises, in the form of equity investment and investment enterprises in the same boat, creating more value.

Mergers and acquisitions

TheLinhuiFund has a group of experienced mergers and acquisitions experts, familiar with the M & a restructuring theory and practice, for the enterprise to provide quality of professional services for mergers and acquisitions. From the customer demand, the design of the most suitable enterprise package of service programs, and to assist the effective implementation of the enterprise. Help the enterprise to design and develop the strategy of M & A, and make the strategy of M & A, and integrate the resources of the merger and acquisition.

Investment Angel

Angel investment focus on investment in seed and start-up projects, TheLinhuiFund team has a wealth of angel project investment experience, and have all kinds of resources to support the entrepreneurial team. We are willing to at home and abroad with foresight and sagacity, rich executive force of entrepreneurial team together, together to create excellent enterprises with outstanding competition ability and sustainable development model, the main investment direction for the TMT, automation, biological medicine, new materials.

The secondary market

TheLinhuiFund two class market team, to raise funds to private equity in the form of focus on two market investment. In the mining and screening of excellent business model of the shares of the listing Corporation as the main investment strategy, the investment in this kind of company, in order to obtain the current income and long-term capital appreciation.
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